Digital Library FAQs

Digital Library FAQs

What is an Adobe ID and why do I need it?

An Adobe ID is a free and non-intrusive way of identifying users. You need only provide a name, country, and e-mail address. An Adobe ID enables you to view eBooks protected by Adobe’s Digital Rights Management (DRM) infrastructure. You can create your Adobe ID at

How do I create an Adobe ID and password?

It’s as easy as one, two, three.

1. Go to and click SIGN IN at the top right of the home page.
2. Click Get an Adobe ID.
3. Fill in the necessary fields and click Sign Up at the bottom of the page. You have now created your Adobe ID account.

Do I need a specific eReader (app) to view eBooks on a mobile device?

Yes. You will need to download Adobe Digital Editions from the App store or the Google Play store.

Can I read my eBooks on the Kindle?

Kindle users are only able to view eBooks primarily sold on However, our system supports a great variety of other devices and mobile apps thanks to the Adobe DRM infrastructure used. Click here for a full listing of mobile devices and apps compatible with our system.

Can my eBook be used on a computer?

Yes, as long as you have installed a program (such as Adobe Digital Editions) that allows you to read eBook files on a computer. Many of these programs exist and can be downloaded and installed free of charge. You can do a search for the most common eBook readers. Make sure you have one that supports multimedia so you can take advantage of the audio recordings included with the program.

Why does the program look different on my computer?

EBooks are designed for use on a mobile device, although with the right viewing software, they can be viewed on a computer. Because eBooks are formatted for devices, they will render differently on a computer.

Can I view my program on more than one device?

Of course! Our programs use Edition Guard, which allows you to register a single program on up to six devices. All devices (or PCs) must be authorized for the same Adobe ID.

Besides reading text, what else can I do with my program on a device?

Most eBook readers will allow you to resize text, highlight text, bookmark pages, make annotations, and share comments and notes with other users. Our recommended eReader is Adobe Digital Editions, a free eReader that can be used across different platforms. Click here for more information.

How do I use the Acrobat PDF Fillable Forms?

To take advantage of the fillable PDF forms that appear in our program, you will need a PDF reading application on your device or computer. You can download and install a free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader from the App store or the Android store on Google Play, or go to and search for Acrobat Reader.