Organizational Needs Inventory® (ONI)

Leaders can use the ONI to create an environment that will attract and retain better associates and, in turn, achieve better operating results. To do that, leaders must recognize that the first step is making dramatic changes in the way organizations are designed and managed. Learning how things actually are and what they can be is next. Then comes a plan for the future … a plan that is based upon a clear sense of direction and purpose. Finally, a plan of action is implemented to begin moving toward the desired future. The ONI instrument was designed to facilitate this process.

The ONI consists of a 126-item survey in which participants describe conditions as they exist at present (“actual”) and as they would exist under ideal circumstances. In most instances, an LMI affiliate administers the survey to ensure its reliability and the autonomy of participants. LMI then processes the confidential responses and prepares a comprehensive report that pinpoints areas of concern.

The ONI report consists of an Executive Summary, Factor Scores, and Item Scores.

Executive Summary — This report details the members’ perceptions of the organization.

Factor Scores — These scores focus attention on specific group factors, such as years with the company, gender, age, and position within the company.

Item Scores — The Item Scores focus on specific, concrete beliefs, perceptions, and practices.

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