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organizational development

Create a productive and goal-directed culture.

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Testing and Surveys help employers make the most of their human capital.

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Dynamic global competition is creating a revolution in the way successful companies do business.  Empowering rather than overpowering is the way peak performing companies win the hearts and minds of their people and maximize their potential.  When members at all levels of an organization learn to trust one another and work together as a team, they can produce the quality of goods and services needed to be competitive.

Because change is inevitable, organizations clinging to old ways of leadership and management will not continue to prosper for long.  Unfortunately, people and organizations change slowly, usually with great resistance and often with considerable pain.  Since 1966 LMI has helped thousands of leaders and organizations worldwide make the changes required to be competitive in a challenging global economy.  Just as LMI has helped countless others, it can help you think about yourself and your organization – and change your future.

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Recent LMI Journals

  • Enhance Your Skills With Knowledge

    Thursday, 20 October 2011

    Leaders are readers. In your efforts to communicate with and motivate others, you must stay abreast of new ideas and developments in your field and in the world around you. You must be able to read faster and at the same time remember more of what you have read. The first step in managing your reading is deciding where reading falls into your time priorities.

  • Applying The Coaching Process

    Monday, 20 August 2012

    It is important to understand that coaching is an ongoing process, not an isolated event. The best coaches take advantage of every opportunity to help team members grow and develop. Self discovery is the most effective form of learning.