Profile Evaluation System® (PES)

The Profile Evaluation System — which benefits business, industry, government, education, and other services — characterizes individuals on a number of psychological traits that are important for job performance. Results allow companies and individuals to maximize the fit between their employment demands and the abilities, aptitudes and personalities of employees or potential employees. When this fit is optimal, employees are more comfortable and productive, and in turn, inefficiency and turnover are minimized.

Hiring the right people is important, but managers should also develop the management and leadership skills of their present employees. Information about individuals and their tendencies is extraordinarily valuable in these contexts as well.

The PES identifies strengths and areas for development so that companies can make sound employment, retention, assignment, training, and promotion decisions. To help with this, the PES features 16 job-related characteristics and includes two validity scales.

Based on the knowledge that strengths in some dimensions can compensate for challenges in others, the system assesses over 100 possible combinations or correlations of personality traits and mental aptitudes. The PES also allows users to customize patterns and benchmarks for the positions within an organization. Managers can use the results to determine which employees’ mental aptitudes and personality dimensions best reflect the characteristics required of certain jobs. When employers use the system in conjunction with other coaching, hiring and interviewing tools, the PES results can help ensure they are treating employees and applicants fairly and without regard to race, color, religion, gender, or national origin.

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