Specialize in Everything You Do

Every person wants to be successful in their chosen career. Why, then, doesn’t everyone succeed? Clearly, there’s no single reason. I do believe, though, that one of the primary reasons is lack of focus.

A problem facing every businessperson, every salesperson, every leader, and every manager is having too many options.

  • There is a wide array of different products.
  • There is a myriad of different marketing methods.
  • There is an unlimited diversity of prospects.
  • There are vast underdeveloped market territories.

In talking with many different people around the world, I have listened to countless grand schemes to sell everyone everywhere in every situation every conceivable type of product. The problem with such plans can be summed up in an adage; “A jack of all trades is a master of none.”

 To succeed in any profession, a person must become a master of it. It is even more important if you want to not only succeed, but to reach the pinnacle of your profession.

  • Professional football players don’t try to play professional golf on the weekends.
  • Open-heart surgeons don’t practice dentistry in the afternoon.
  • Top-flight lawyers don’t moonlight as fire fighters.
  • The top architects don’t try to be part-time psychologists.

In fact, not only do top professionals concentrate on their chosen vocation, they even specialize within their field:

  • The medical field is broken down into numerous specialties – General practitioners, surgeons (heart, brain, transplant, etc.), pediatricians, obstetricians, gerontologists, gynecologists, optometrists, podiatrists, etc.
  • The legal field also specializes – corporate lawyers, trial lawyers, civil lawyers, family lawyers, etc.

This is also vitally important for anyone in their business. To succeed in any business, it is crucial to have a detailed business plan. A business plan is a blueprint or a map that outlines exactly how you intend to operate your business. The critical questions a good business plan must answer are:

  • What specifically is your product?
  • How specifically do you intend to market the product to the final user?
  • Who specifically is your target customer or prospect?
  • Where specifically will you market your product?

As a leader/manager/entrepreneur, you must have a clear and specific answer to each of these questions. Only then will you be able to specialize within your business and become a master of your profession. It will also help to put these questions in the context of your business.

By confining yourself to one type of product, one marketing method, one group of prospects and one geographical area, you are able to concentrate your efforts and perfect your technique. The benefits are many:

  • You become an expert in your chosen method of selling.
  • You become familiar with the usual objections and how to handle them.
  • You understand your prospects’ buying motives and needs.
  • You know how and when to close and to ask to buy.
  • You understand your prospects’ business and how to talk their language.
  • You don’t waste time traveling between appointments.
  • You are better equipped to service your prospects’ needs and goals.
  • You make more sales and more money.

After you master your profession in a specific area, you are then able to successfully expand into other areas. Expanding before you’ve mastered your techniques is simply compounding your problems.

Remember, to become a master in your business, you must focus, concentrate and specialize in everything you do.

By Randy Slechta, CEO / President of Leadership Management International, Inc. a global leadership and organizational development company.

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