Motivating People to Their Full Potential®

The Total Person®

Becoming a Total Person empowers you and enables you to become the best and brightest you! As you begin to fulfill your potential, your attitude changes, and you gain the Slight Edge® in all that you are, do and have. That Slight Edge allows you to attain a balanced life and expand your potential, so you can achieve personal and professional success.

Success Motivation® International, Inc. (SMI®) provides a wide range of dynamic programs that empower individuals by developing the personal and professional skills needed to fulfill potential and achieve goals. Following a process that involves planning, goal setting, training and practical application, SMI helps people permanently motivate themselves to realize the
success they desire.

For decades, SMI has helped thousands of individuals magnify their awareness and make the changes necessary to compete in today’s challenging and often perplexing world. Our proven programs will help you define clear personal and professional goals. Then, we will strengthen your skills and internal motivation, so you can make achieving those goals a way of life.

Words of Wisdom
Enthusiastic Customers
By Randy Slechta
Make a commitment today to develop your customers to be enthusiastic about your product, your service, and you.
Partnership Opportunities
In order to serve our clients in 80+ countries in a manner that they would expect, we offer rewarding career opportunities to independent, licensed representatives around the world. If joining others in helping “develop leaders and organizations to their full potential” sounds exciting to you, then click the link below.
Wheel of Life® Assessment
Personal development is key to your success. The Wheel of Life is designed to help you evaluate your level of satisfaction in the six most important areas of your life. Please rate yourself in each area on a scale of 1-10 ("1" being not satisfied to "10" being very satisfied).