Why We Do It

Passion for Success


These few simple words guided Paul J. Meyer as he started his first companies, SMI® and LMI® . But, unlike many might think, it was not his personal success that he considered; it was the success of others. It was from these words that he created a vision for his companies that read, “Developing Leaders and Organizations to their full potential.” After 50+ years, this is still our driving mission and our ultimate goal … to see others succeed. 

As a business person, there are obviously a number of things you have to do on your own to be successful. However, as we all know, success always boils down to a person’s attitude and motivation in whatever he or she decides to do. Randy Slechta shows us how there are four steps in this journey that one must take to become successful. These steps will not only help you, but also help us guide you on your journey.

The first step is to firmly decide that you are with the company, industry and business that you want to be with. If you do not have total belief and commitment in your products, processes, and business, it will show in every word you say. Successful business people realize that both their personal future and the future of their business are intertwined and impossible to separate.

Second, you have to decide what role and position you want to play.  No matter what you are doing, you have to make a firm decision that being in the business and role that you are in is the key to your unlimited success. You cannot just “try” to be in business or “try” to be a sales person or “try” to be a manager. “Try” implies you might fail. Any doubt, any thought of failure, any entertainment of the possibility of not succeeding dooms you to a life of mediocrity.

Your third step in this journey is to decide if you are always going to under-promise and over-deliver. In other words, you should always provide your customers with more than they paid for. Allow them to feel they owe you something because of the enormous value you have provided them. This makes them ambassadors for you and your business. This makes them centers of influence and partners in your business.

Fourth, you must realize that you are worthy of success.  Step up and take personal responsibility for your own life, understanding that your circumstances are of your own making, not vice versa. When you realize that the circumstances you are in are the circumstances that you have drawn for yourself, you empower yourself to change. You provide yourself with the ability to design your own life and your own success. These changes create incredible self-image and self-esteem, allowing you to believe in yourself and believe in your own success.

It is only by making these four decisions clearly, firmly, and with total commitment that you can assure success in your career or business. Remember, if you think you can or think you cannot, you are absolutely right. Make the decision today that you will be a success in business. You can succeed, you are worthy of success, and you will succeed if your journey includes these four steps.

Your success is our ultimate goal.